Balcony on a Roof Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne

Here we have a glass balustrade balcony for a roof terrace in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne.  Using flanges, the handrail butts onto the masonry wall and with the glass being cut to size, only one upright pole is required.  One glass panel has been ceramic-printed with a semi-transparent grey (60% black) which lets some light in whilst providing privacy.  The other panel is clear so the parents can relax on the terrace whilst in full sight of their garden/kids/football match.

The glass was printed by our sister company, Washington Art Glass, using state-of-the-art ceramic printing technology; the print being scratch-proof and UV-stable.  The glass is toughened safety glass and has been polished and edged, with the balustrade using 316-grade (exterior grade) stainless steel handrails and poles.

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