We manufacture, design and install a great selection of Glass Balustrade Systems for you to use in your next exciting project.

Balustrades with Handrails

Glass Balustrades with Handrails

Our full range of balustrades come with the option of an additional handrail to the top section. This means that should you wish your balustrade to have that additional safety element, or if you’re planning to run them down stairs or steps, you can have total peace of mind. The handrails also help to highlight that there is in fact, glass there.

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Plain Balustrades

Plain Glass Balustrades

The beauty of glass is that it looks incredible as a stand alone piece. Our range of balustrades help to really showoff not only the stylish glass, but also the surroundings that you place it within. Less can be more and that’s certainly the case with this minimal balustrade style.

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Bespoke Shape Balustrades

Bespoke Shape Glass Balustrades

Not every space or every project is the same, this is why we offer a fully bespoke service. No matter what your space or your specification, we’re able to design and manufacture the perfect solution.

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Staircase Glass Balustrades

We produce and install different stair rail types: steel or timber; for domestic, office or industrial settings. Whilst meeting the appropriate building regulations We can cut the glass different shapes, for instance: matching the profile of the steps.

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Track Systems

Track System Glass Balustrades

Using the track systems you can achieve a clean, minimalist and elegant result. The track system runs along the bottom on the glass, clamping it in place, eliminating the need for posts.
The clear result opens out the living space and allows you to appreciate the rest of your décor.

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Additional Products

Because we do everything here in house, it enables us to undertake the manufacturing of glass for several other products, including – stairs, glass tabletop and glass worktops, glass cabinets, Juliet Balcony, glass shower screens and glass deck railing, to name just a few areas. Whatever your glass requirements just ask one of our team who will happily advise and assist. We can also do our balustrades as a tube and bar system.

A Keen Eye For The Detail…

because we want it done right, we do it ourselves

Equally as important as the glass in your balustrade is selecting the correct steel for the job. All of our steel posts and glazing clips are grade 316 stainless steel.
A super high grade which helps increase the resistance to cracks, tension and pitting – and further enhances the luxury and quality of the final product.

All handrails and other accessories required for our balustrade installations are always of the same quality and finish WE ONLY USE MARINE GRADE STAINLESS STEEL, POSTS AND ACCESSORIES. All of our poles come with a welded cover plate at the bottom of the pole hiding and protecting all fixings and helping to give the balustrade, that finished, luxury look.

All of our glass is manufactured right here, in house. Our state of the art CNC machine can cut your glass to any size or shape as needed to suit your requirements. But it doesn’t end there. To ensure we have full control over our product we also have our own machinery to complete our own edging, toughening and laminating. All done in house to ensure the quality and consistency of our product throughout.

The final feather in the cap, installation. To make sure a quality product, receives a quality installation, we handle that ourselves. Using our highly trained technicians.